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Heat Transfer Kits

Heat Transfer Kits
Make Other Rooms In Your House Cosy and Comfortable

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It's as warm as toast in the room with the fireplace, but absolutely freezing in the rest of the house.

Sound familiar? Then you need a Hydor Heat Transfer Kit to economically transfer warm air to other rooms in the house without installing additional heating equipment at great expense.

  • Easy to install
  • Economical to run
  • 3 kits to choose from

Where can I buy a Hydor Heat Transfer Kit?

Designed to Work - High air velocity into rooms ensures warm air reaches the occupants.
Hydor Heat Transfer Kits are designed to draw warm air from a room with a heat source such as a fireplace or potbelly stove, and deliver this warm air to other areas of the house. Perfect for warming one or more bedrooms before going to bed

Three Kits To Choose From:

One to One Room
One to One Room
Kit Code: HHTK1-1

Total Duct Length: 9m
Power: 46 watts

One to Two Rooms
One to Two Room
Kit Code: HHTK1-2

Total Duct Length: 12m
Longest Duct Run: 9m
Power: 68 watts

One to Three Rooms
One to Three Room
Kit Code: HHTK1-3

Total Duct Length: 15m
Longest Duct Run: 12m
Power: 70 watts

The One to One Room Kit includes a fan, insulated duct, adjustable grilles and duct tape. The One to Two and One to Three Room Kits include a fan, insulated duct, adjustable grilles, branch take-off, 2-speed switch and duct tape.
2-speed switch provides easy airflow adjustment to ensure you receive the desired amount of warmth.

Where can I buy a Hydor Heat Transfer Kit?

Available Models

You can add the models shown below to a Request for Quotation, which can be submitted to our sales team for detailed pricing information.

Product Code Description Qty Req.
HHTK1-1 One to One Room
HHTK1-2 One to Two Room
HHTK1-3 One to Three Room

Hydor reserves the right to make changes in design or specification to products
without notice or obligation and to change or discontinue models.

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