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Misting Kits

Misting Kits
Enhance the cooling effect from your fan

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Hydor Misting Kits are based on principles of evaporative cooling, the process of removing heat from the air by using water vapour. When combined with the air flow from an air circulating fan the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. Work areas, outdoor recreation facilities and animal enclosures can all benefit from the rapid, efficient cooling that a Hydor Misting Kit and fan can provide, reducing stress and fatigue and improving safety and productivity in the heat of summer.

Misting kits can be fitted to most Hydor fans to achieve temperature reductions of up to 10 C with virtually no noticeable increase in relative humidity.

Applications include: dairies, poultry sheds, piggeries, dog kennels, greenhouses, horse stables, potato stores, workshops, factories, packing sheds, outdoor entertainment areas, cafes / beer gardens etc

The Hydor Misting/Fogging Kits work on normal house mains water pressures and are available in 3 standard sizes.

Designed to work; super fine droplets ensure effective evaporation with no mess. Installation: fit misting kit in front of fan guard using cable tied supplied, nozzles must be positioned facing away from the guard, hose thread adaptor with stainless steel filter.
  MIST3 kit MIST5 kit MIST7 kit
Misters Fitted with 3 misting nozzles Fitted with 5 misting nozzles Fitted with 7 misting nozzles
Applications Suitable for pedestal type recirculating fans up 630mm diameter Suitable for pedestal type recirculating fans up 630mm diameter Suitable for 750mm pedestal fans and more powerful recirculating fans such as the Turbulator range.
Water usage 4 litres per hour approx 7 litres per hour approx 10 litres per hour approx
Tube and fittings Heavy wall 9mm (3/8") polyethylene, UV resistant, medium burst strength for working presures up to 125 PSI.
Nozzles High quality brass with stainless steel orifice and pin, O-ring for leak proof assembly.
Water Connection 19mm (3/4") hose thread adaptor with stainless steel filter.
Available Models

You can add the models shown below to a Request for Quotation, which can be submitted to our sales team for detailed pricing information.

Product Code Description Qty Req.
HMIST3 3 nozzles
HMIST5 5 nozzles
HMIST7 7 nozzles

Hydor reserves the right to make changes in design or specification to products
without notice or obligation and to change or discontinue models.

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